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Engine Decarbonization Machine

Engine Decarbonization Machine

Engine Decarbonization Machine
Engine Decarbonization MachineEngine Decarbonization MachineEngine Decarbonization MachineEngine Decarbonization MachineEngine Decarbonization Machine
CategoriesEngine Carbon Cleaning Machine
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ModelHHO 6.0
UsageAuto Industry
Machine TypeOxy-Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine
KeywordsEngine Decarbonization Machine
Flame Temperature(T)800-2000 Adjustable
Working Pressure(MPa)Less Than 0.08
Environment Temperature(T)Less Than 0.08
Environment Temperature(T)0-40
Power Supply Protection GradeIP21s
Material316L Stainless Steel
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
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Update Time2019-08-19
Detail Information

Oxy-hydrogen generator car engine decarbonization machine 

How to know your car have to do carbon cleaning?

   1. Economics performance degradation, fuel consumption increase

   2. Short for power, fast acceleration not free

   3. Start not smooth, especially in cold start

   4. Idle instability, shaking even flameout

   5. Excessive exhaust emission

   6. Noise increase

   7. The engine oil turns black fast or even slighted burned  

How HHO Carbon Cleaning System Clean petrol injectors?

HHO 6.0 carbon cleaning machine is through water electrolysis to get AMD oxygen and hydrogen molecular,than these molecular will be transferred to car engine via intake manifold.after the spark plug ignition,the oxygen and hydrogen molecular would mix with air,oil and carbon deposit to reach a complete combustion state.Because oxy-hydrogen combustion generators a small amount of water vapor,it will further moisten every corner of the internal carbon to make it loose and think,until all be burned & dissolved.  

After clean carbon, the car will

  1. Clean diesel particulate filter, prolong the filter lifetime;
  2. Driving Smoother;
  3. Engine quieter than before

We offer carbon cleaning solution help you in just 20minutes procedure to clean your DPF without any disassembling!

Carbon cleaning procedure costing significantly less than the removal or replacement with new one. This can be done preventively every 5,000 km.

Carbon Cleaning Equipment Description:

HHO carbon cleaning machine is the newest achievement with HHO gas and HHO agent cleaning at the same time. Its innovative design and updated spare parts can increase the machine working efficiency to reach safer operation.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine: HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine can remove carbon from auto engine with its catalysis principles. HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine has higher safety precaution standards and innovate to use HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent. The newest technology makes the effect more obvious.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent: HHO carbon cleaner agent is a non-corrosive, nonflammable, entire safe liquid. It can not only enhance the carbon clean effect in three-way catalyst and exhaust pipe but also protect the 
engine parts and extend engine life.


Model Number


AC Voltage Requirement (V)



Single/ Three

Max. Water Consumption (L/h)


Net Weight (kg)


Dimensions - WxDxH (mm)


Over 100 automobile maintenance products suppliers, car maintenance service store, sale service station, 4s station, auto repair station had cooperate with us, Every time they can get income USD50 to USD100 per car in engine carbon cleaning. 
If you clean 10 cars per day, you can get USD1000 per day, USD30000 per month, USD360000 per year!!!
If you have 2 machines, 3,4.....
Kingkar company ensure you that your investment will return back within one month, otherwise please return our machine without your any cost.

Carbon Cleaning Equipment  Reaction Principle

Principle 1:Cell Reaction
Anode reaction: 4OH - 4e- = 2H2O + O2 ↑ (OH- from the ionization of KOH)
Cathodic reaction: 2H ++ 2e- = H2 ↑ (H + from water ionization)

Principle 2: Water hydrogen circulation principle
(You can send message or contact us online to get details information) 

How to Operate Carbon Cleaning Equipment?

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine adopts easy design for providing simple operation to the new users. You just need to follow the operation manual and wait for 20 minutes, then the carbon clean process is done. This easy operation system is sure to make you operate without any error.(Contact Us Obtained Detailed Steps and operating Video)

Carbon Cleaning Equipment Patents and Certificate
Kingkar, is the earliest R & D team of electrolysis water hydrogen oxygen equipment in China. It is also the pioneer of oxyhydrogen energy application and has the most advanced technology in the world. Kingkar have 10 patents and 6 utility model patent certificate! At the following, we introduce one patent used in carbon cleaning.

Patent: One device of anti-backfire

Apply 18th floor wet application of the device, in front of a nozzle. Ensure that in the case of improper operation, to protect the operator and the normal operation of machinery.

(All documents are displayed at the KINGKAR factory, you are welcome to visiting)

Carbon Cleaning Equipment Package and Storage

1. Package: Host for wooden packaging. On a non-inverted, the box on its side, is ready to clear the flag.

2. Handling: In the four corners of the host machine body is provided with a standard flat rings, the rings are tightened before moving to check, after loosening if needed tightening to handling, transport should meet the lifting device or truck using lifting requirements were handling.

3. Transport: This device uses land and sea. When land transport, loading crates should be noted on the sign, the requirements of the box can not be upside down, on its side and tilt too much. Also including loading the appropriate protective measures to prevent moisture during transport, by vibration and shock. To comply with the relevant norms when shipping.

4. Storage: Equipment should be stored in dry, ventilated, non-corrosive media, vibration-free interior.

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