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Kingkar Steven is joining aid activity

Kingkar Steven is joining aid activity
Issue Time:2017-08-11

Ever since the ancient times, the gratefulness has been a virtue of Chinese tradition.
In our Kingkar company, to be grateful is an ethical principle that every worker should practice.

Every August, our director manager Steven will ask for 1 week leave for a special activity.
What is that?

Steven's hometown has many poor areas with majority of student who love learning a lot and always do good job.
In order to ensure every student do not stop schooling because of the financial difficulties,our Kingkar Steven will go with the foundation to try his best to offer the poverty family aid

Here are some  pictures for your reference:

Do you know every customer buy one HHO 6.0 carbon cleaner machine, we will help our customer donate according money to foundation?
Have a guess, how much will donate in total in 2017?