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Business License
  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate
    High-tech enterprises refer to the continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the "high-tech fields supported by the state" to form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises and carry out business activities on the basis of them. Within the territory of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) registered more than one year resident enterprises. It is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economy.
    Update Time:2017-12-26
  • Kingkar HHO 6.0 business license
    This license is issued by government agencies that allow or Kingkar company to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. It is the authorization to start a business issued by the local government. A single jurisdiction often requires multiple licenses that are issued by multiple government departments and agencies. Business licenses vary between countries, states, and local municipalities. There are often many licenses, registrations and certifications required to conduct a business in a single location.
    Update Time:2017-08-15
  • The Authentication Certificate of Quality Management System
    This cartificate in the provisions of the state's administrative license,qualification within the scope of used together shall be valid.The certificate information can be in the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China web site inquiries
    Update Time:2017-03-24
  • SGS
    Changsha Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.,Ltd.has passed ISO9001:2008 Certification in 2015,and also has abtained Certificate for Oxy-Hydrogen Generator.They have successful foreign trade experience in North America, Europe,Southeast Asia/Mideast Africa 
    Update Time:2017-03-24
    VIA:Administration of Industry and Commerce of the People 's Republic of China
    Update Time:2017-03-22
    The mark has been registered in respect of:
    Class 7:
    spray guns;Spray gunsn(electric);Arc welding apparatus;Arc cutting apparatus;Garbage disposal machines;Waste disposal;Waste baling press;Walding machines;Planting machines;Cleaning apparatus;Cleaning machines for aviation engines;Gas actuated rams;Gas converters;Alternators;Steam boilers;Paint spray guns;Cutting machines;Feedwater regulators
    Update Time:2017-03-22
    This is to certify that, in accordance with the Trademark Act,a trademark has been registered at the Korean Intellectual Property Office
    Update Time:2017-03-22
Product Certificates
  • One device of anti-backfire
    what a amazing technology you have never known
    Update Time:2017-03-22
  • Brown gas burner
    The current theory of Brown's Gas states that Brown's Gas is a mixture of di-atomic and mon-atomic hydrogen and oxygen. Brown's Gas, Book One explains it in detail, but here is a peek.

    The simplest way to make Brown's Gas is to use an electrolyzer, which uses electricity to split water into its elements of hydrogen and oxygen. At the instant that the water splits, the hydrogen and oxygen are in their mon-atomic state, this is H for hydrogen and O for oxygen.

    Normal electrolyzers encourage the hydrogen and oxygen to drop to their di-atomic state. Di-atomic means the hydrogen formed H2 and the oxygen formed O2. The di-atomic state is a lower energy state, the energy difference shows up as heat in the electrolyzer. This energy is now unavailable to the flame.
    Update Time:2017-03-22
  • A kind of using hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas garbage incinerator
    A kind of using hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas garbage incinerator
    Update Time:2017-03-22
  • HHO

    The mark consisted of  the stylized word "HHO"

     Alternators;Cutting machines;Electric are cutting apparatus;Electric are welding apparatus;Extracting machines for chemical processing;Garbage disposals;Paint spray guns;Steam engine boilers;Washing machine for industrial parts;Welding apparatus,gas-operated;Walding electrodes;Welding torches;Air condensers;Engine injectors;Food waste disposal;Power-operated spray guns;Waste and trash separator machines.

    Update Time:2017-03-22
  • Oxyhydrogen gas Cutting gun and gun torch
    This is an innovative use of technology. it will give you amazing effects
    Update Time:2017-03-22